Māori spell checking in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online

There isn't (as far as I can tell from anywhere) a Māori dictionary in SharePoint, even though you can set it as a prefered language in your profile. I found a post from SharePoint 2010 which specifies a work around for setting another language as the spell check language by adding some JavaScript into your master page, you can also add the code into a page layout. This worked fine for French when I tried it, but didn't work for Māori which uses the local ID 1153. Instead I got the following message "The spelling check cannot be completed because there is no dictionary installed for the current language". Dictionaries must only be installed when a language pack is installed, of which there isn't a huge variety.

It's not ideal, but you can still include Māori words in the dictionary. Keep reading!

In SharePoint 2010, you could add a custom dictionary which would be used by spell check throughout the site. This hasn't changed in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

This works per site collection:

  • Create a new word document (if you don't require macrons then you can just use notepad to create the .txt file and follow the same steps)
  • Add a word to each line, as in the screen shot below

    Adding words to custom dictionary

  • Save the file as a .txt file named "Custom Dictionary.txt" – this has to be the exact name of the file, select "Other encoding" and set Inicode (UTF-8)

    saving the custom dictionary

  • In the root of your site collection, create a document library named exactly "Spelling"
  • Upload your Custom Dictionary.txt file into the document library

The words you added to the dictionary will now be correct spelling.

example editing html field with new dictionary




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