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Creating an administrator token in Yammer

Update: October 2017, this is all still relevant! Tested myself this month on a project.

Create an Admin access token

  1. Sign into Yammer as Yammer Admin via
  2. Go to and register a new app.

Register a New App – Required Fields:


Application Name:

Token Requestor App


Organization name

Support e-mail:

An email address, which users of your app can contact for support.


Your organization’s website.

Redirect URL:


  1. Copy your Client ID, Redirect URI from the Application Information page.

  1. Paste this url into your browser, where client_id, redirect uri are the values obtained from step 4 above (replace including the brackets):[:client_id]&redirect_uri=[:redirect_uri]

  1. Copy the “code=” value from the URL created.
  2. Paste this url into your browser, where client_id, client secret are obtained in step 4 above. Code is the code from step 6 (replace including the brackets).[:client_id]&client_secret=[:client_secret]&code=[:code]

  1. Copy the “token:” value from the resulting JSON. Store it e.g. in Notepad.

You have your admin token! 

Thanks to Roland Oldengarm for putting together these instructions: